VelaKi Project since 2000

VelaKi Well Being Sailing, sailing holidays proposal in Greece since 2000, is for those who love to join the nature and find a major interior contact. The sailing experience, anchoring in the solitary bays, helps us to recreate the union between Man and Creation, discovering sailing also as a form of Meditation. Our cruises are called Eco-Holiday, since we follow the criteria of respecting nature trying to harm it with the minor impact possible, using the renewable energy sources like sun and wind.


When I bought the boat in 2005, it had the greek name Voreas (boreal) and I added "VelaKi", thinking of the perfect union of the two words: "Sail" and "Ki" (ReiKi, energy). Only after I came to know, that in the ancient greek mythology "VelaKi" was the Messenger between the Sky and the Earth, driven by the blow of Life. I could not wish for a better definition!


We have chosen the Greek Ionian Islands for their beauty, perfumes, light, the contrast between the rich green vegetation of the islands and the blu of the sea, for the lovely ports and enchanting bays, where to anchor and join the Well Being activities of VelaKi, like ReiKi treatments, Yoga and Meditation. The wind rarely blows too intensively in the Greek ionian islands, making the sailing experience more enjoyable!


VelaKì Project maintains its route following a unique target: a direct profanation towards the interior, spiritual, mental and physical growth, towards every living creature and form. We sail in respect with the natural resources, preserving the existed and existing cultural heritage and tradition, in favor of a life based on Love, Cooperation, Respect and Peace.

Voreas VelaKi Eco-boat s/y is sailing with the Italian Solidarity Sailing Union flag hoisted!

 Captain VelaKi, Fabrizio Cillo

Yachting Service GR fiscal code 111751340