Captain VelaKi

Fabrizio Cillo

I'm Fabrizio Cillo. I born in the 11th of July 1958 in Bari, where I have my degree in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts.
After the Academy, I start my personal research traveling in Asia, North Africa, Central America and Oceania. As a consequence, I create a synthesis of all my experiences, as a researcher of the truths in the world.


I learn the art of navigation as sailorman and then as skipper, collaborating with various boat renting agencies in Greece, and  sailing for the Mediterranean sea from 1985 to 1999.

In 2000 I put together my experience as skipper, my love for the sea and my spiritual research by creating “VelaKi Project": Well Being Sailing Holidays in the summer, and in the wintertime, with my Social Promotion Association, sailing therapy as rehabilitation courses for people suffering from mental  uneasiness.

Master Reiki

In 1987 I achieve the I° level of Reiki and from that moment I start a more intensive introspective research, experimenting various meditation tecniques. I have the priviledge of meeting and getting to know some Masters, who will guide me in refining the art of Listening.

In 1989 I go through an experience of an interdimensional contact, which will massively accelerate my awakening process.

In 1997 I become a Reiki Master of III° level. I start conducting Reiki seminaries, seminaries explaining "The Sacred Solar Symbol Codes" and "The Color of Soul" (this last also introduced in some elementary schools as a workshop of Art Therapy).

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