Fabrizio Cillo, artist

I had my degree in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts. I collaborated as scenographer's assistant for televison, theater and cinema in Italy. I also was the creator and conductor for a private radio trasmission called “L’Altraradio”.

My works have been exposed in Italy, Usa, Egypt, India, France, Morocco and Australia.

Eric Clavelou, Carla Accollettati,Luciano Mazza, Anna D’Elia, Pierangelo Di Vittorio, Franco Solmi, Amelia Loconsolo, Sergio Rispoli, Luisa Muratori, Mariano Apa, Toti Carpentieri, Roberto Cappelli, Luciana Cataldo, Mirella Casamassima, Enzo Varricchio, Robert Dak.

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Cillo, walking barefoot on a tecnological planet... I was touched by a story of a man with a pure essence, with his dream to leave his indelible sign in the world and in the souls of those he meets. His art is his life, his art is painting every moment of his visions, a vision that comes true... The magic of an alchemy of who has the instruments to transmute. His Energetic transformers are his tecnology, that he uses for his operating in the world where him also walks barefooted..."

Robert Dak, Uluru, Australia 2010

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