Listing Eco-Holiday 1 week

8 days/7 night - Embarks max 4-6 persons



double cabin divided 700€ each;

double cabin single person 1000€



double cabin divided 800€ each.;

double cabin single person 1500€


ENTIRE BOAT RENT with skipper e co-skipper:

2 persons 2500€ - 3 persons 3000€

CENTRAL WEEK OF AUGUST: 2-3 persons 4000€

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Extra costs and useful advice

The fees INCLUDE: breakfast, final cleaning, bed linen and towels, full kasko insurance, equipment for snorkeling, Reiki treatments,  Yoga and Meditation sessions. Beautiful dawns and sunsets are also included!
The fees EXCLUDE: food, drinks, taverns, fuel and mooring in private marines (rare, almost never)
COMMON FUND: the basic rule is to keep a Common Fund: for one week's stay on board each of our guests contributes with about 150-200€.
All the crew: quests, skipper and co-skipper included, will benefit of the Common Fund during the week (food and drinks, dining in taverns, fuel and mooring in private marines). Before disembarkation, if the Common Fund should not cover the expenses for the fuel, it must be added by the guests. On the contrary, if there should be remaining cash, it will be returned to the guests in equal parts.
  • We prefer vegetarian on board: italian, greek, oriental. Salads, pasta, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables, yoghurt, olives and greek feta cheese. We will eat fish if we manage to catch it, otherwise in the taverns you can eat wonderful fish and meat! The tavern costs are about 15€ to 20 € per person.
  • If there are any intolerances or allergies, please tell us in time before any situation of booking: we have a little lady cat on board and it is important to deal with this beforehand.
  • We drink our tank water, due to a special filter for drinkable water, so no plastic bottles on board!
  • Soft bags, minimum baggage: half of the things you are going to bring on board will not serve. Bring light clothing, a light wind jacket, a light cotton sweater, a cap, sandals, shoes for the sea. The trolley is not very welcome, as it is difficult to stow.
  • Bring sunscreens, but avoid oils, which are dangerously slippery and also avoid too scented lotions and creams, they’ll attract various kind of insects!
  • Bring eco-friendly shampoos and shower gels. Also herbalist's shop products can do!
  • For smokers: it is nice to respect who does not like bad smells!