VelaKi Crew

Sari, co-skipper

I'm originally from Finland, "adopted" in Apulia (South-Italy) from 1988. My profession for many years is Graphics advertising/editorial Designer and digital artist in various agencies in Apulia, then as freelance.

I meet Fabrizio in 2011 and from 2013 we sail together. He introduces me to the sailing boat experience, which I already knew marginally. Today I'm his co-skipper. We live, work and share everything together.

I've always been sporty, but then I discovered Yoga. I try to refine more and more this wonderful discipline and philosophy, it is an integral part of my life. I have been practicing Satyananda Yoga since 2003, and I feel I want to pass on my experience to others, too. I propose relaxing sessions of Yoga on board.

I also give massages, I graduated in the classic Swedish massage. Making people feel good makes me feel good too.

Kekku, co-Cat

I was born in 2008, maybe in July. Sari finds me all alone and hungry, abandoned on the street. She takes me to his house, hoping to find me a home, because she already has two other cats that I barely can stand...

My paws are a bit deformed. Maybe I was born like that, who knows, but for me it's not a problem! For Sari in the beginning it was a problem and it was not easy to find a home for me and it was also August, everyone was on vacation. She has given up her holidays to  stay close to me. Then in the end Sari no longer really wanted to give up on me, and we all lived together under one roof. For me it was not easy, there was Nuppu, the oldest, who teased me around the house and I had to treat her brutally to get her off of me. Nuppu's favorite pastime was to make fun of me. Then there was Micina, she suffered from asthma and they gave very little time to live since she was born, but she was 8 years old, a nice pain in the ass character, the Boss, she was the one who was in charge! Then one day she ran away and has not returned. We do not know what happened to her. However, sincerely speaking, it is not that I care so much, now my Mistress has eyes only for me!

Then Sari meets Fabrizio, and they disappear for months in Greece. The pain of detachment was unbearable for me every time, I always had a bad dermatitis caused by
stress ... In 2017 Sari and Fabrizio decided to take me on a boat with them. It's a brave choice, but they trusted me. I was 9 years old, had always lived inside the house, now I had to get used to a totally new environment, but Sari with so much patience, gets me used to the boat. In the beginning I was terrified! My first boat experience on the water was the crossing from Italy to Greece. I locked myself in the cabin during the sailings, the engine noise scared me. I only went out in the evening, with great caution.
Now everything is different. I meet new people, I am always in our cabin while we are sailing, but in the evening when the air is cooler, I go out on the deck to walk and enjoy the sunsets, and at night I am on guard. Some cat never enters on MY boat! I keep mice away too!

I'm kind enough to everyone, but people should not be too fond of me. You can caress me slowly on the head, under the chin, on the back. The legs and under the belly, no, I do not like it!

My Mistress is my life and I am jealous of her. They both love me to die, even my Master pampers me and tries to hug me, but only Sari is allowed the way I like it. We have a very strong bond, we understand each other without speaking.

As my name Kekku (which comes from the Italian saying "Good Kick") also says, I really had luck in life, but they too: I am a very Special cat!

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