VelaKi Crew

Sari, co-skipper

I'm originally from Finland, "adopted" in Apulia (South-Italy) from 1988. My profession for many years is Graphics advertising/editorial Designer and digital artist in various agencies in Apulia, then as freelance.

Now I mostly go for Sea.

I meet Fabrizio Cillo in 2011. From the 2012 we sail together and become inseparable, in Sea and in Life.

Fabrizio introduces me in the sailing Experience, that I've always loved and marginally knew. Today I'm beside him as co-skipper to share the Adventures together.

I have always been quite sporty in different ways, but then I discover Yoga. I always try to refine this marvellous discipline, that has become an integrant part of my life. I practice Satyananda Yoga from 2003 and feel the need to transmit my Experience also to the others. I propose Yoga sessions on board with some breathing techniques, called Pranayama.

Describing a bit of my character I would enclose all in the poem of Anais Nin, who says:

I have to be a mermaid.

I'm not afraid of the depth

and I'm scared of the superficial life.

Kekku, co-Cat

I  born in 2008, maybe in the month of July. I'm abbandoned in the street, where Sari finds me. She takes me home thinking of finding me soon a family who could adopt me. Sari already has two other cats I really cannot stand....

I have a minor lack in my paws, they're a bit deformed and flat, and for Sari it is difficult to find me a home, although I show to everybody, that I'm as agile as a normal cat.

In the end I stay with Sari, she is my Mistress and we are grazy in love with each other! Then Sari meets Fabrizio and they start to disappear for months in Greece. Sari loses the other two cats, she was very sad at the time, but I'd say I could not complain... I have my master's attention only for me, I am the Princess! That is why the separation every summer for me is unbearable and I start to suffer a strong dermatitis from stress. I get really sick. We talk to our veterinary, and he has no objection to the idea of bringing me in the boat with my masters.

This year (2017) I go with Sari and Fabrizio on the boat. I'll try to get used to my totally new ambience. They say I have a good character, although sometimes I'm a bit too sensitive and very jealous.

Keep your thumbs up! Let's hope to see some fish, too!

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